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Sensei Bruce Lee has given Karate instruction for many years in different parts of Newfoundland from the St. John's area to Grand Falls Windsor in central Newfoundland. While in central Newfoundland he instructed in several Dojos throughout the area. He has raised countless Karateka to the level of 1st Dan Black Belts and higher. Many of his students and former students now have established their own Dojos with a large following of Shotokan Karateka.

Sensei Lee comes from a large family, many of whom are also senior Karateka. He and his peers have traveled abroad for competition and seminars. Many of his students and peers have competed in world championship tournaments. The wealth of knowledge he brings to the Dojo is very inspirational to us all. He has also provided practical self defense seminars to people who do not study Karate.

Today, the spirit of Karate in our Dojo is second to none. Many senior Karateka from 1st to 7th degree Black Belt levels assist with instruction in our Dojo. We frequently have out of town guests who much enjoy their visits.

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